Product : Canned Fruits


Pineapple is planted in Southern part of Thailand. The planting area is closed to the sea such as: Prajuabkirikun, Rayong, Trad, Petchburi, Chonburi and Chantaburi. The pineapple (Ananas comosus) is an edible tropical plant and berry/fruit (multiple. It is a medium tall (1-1.5 m) herbaceous perennial plant with 30 or more trough-shaped and pointed leaves 30-100 cm long, surrounding a thick stem. The pineapple is an example of a multiple fruit: multiple, spirally-arranged flowers along the axis each produce a fleshy fruit that becomes pressed against the fruits of adjacent flowers, forming what appears to be a single fleshy fruit. The leaves of the cultivar 'Smooth Cayenne' mostly lack spines except at the leaf tip, but the cultivars 'Spanish' and 'Queen' have large spines along the leaf margins. Pineapples are the only bromeliad berry/fruit in widespread cultivation. It is one of the most commercially important plants which carry out Crassulacean acid metabolism, or CAM photosynthesis.

The canned pineapple is packed in accordance with the US FDA, and is available in different sizes to serve both retail and institutional purposes. The cuts include slice, chunk, tidbit and crushed packed in either natural juice or syrup.

Pineapple Slices / Chunks / Pieces / Tidbits / Broken Slices / Quartered Slices
Net weight : 227, 425, 454, 565, 840 gms, 3kg.

Fruit Cocktail -

Tropical Fruit Cocktail
Net weight : 425, 454, 565, 840 gms, 3kg

Lychee -

The Lychee (Litchi chinensis), also spelled Litchi (the U.S. FDA spelling) or Laichi and Lichu is the sole member of the genus Litchi in the soapberry family Sapindaceae. It is a tropical fruit tree native to southern China. It is also commonly found in India (Muzaffarpur), Bangladesh, southern Taiwan, northern Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Southern Africa.

It is a medium-sized evergreen tree, reaching 15-20 m tall, with alternate pinnate leaves, each leaf 15-25 cm long, with 2-8 lateral leaflets 5-10 cm long; the terminal leaflet is absent. The newly emerging young leaves are a bright coppery red at first, before turning green as they expand to full size. The flowers are small, greenish-white or yellowish-white, produced in panicles up to 30 cm long.
Description : Lychee
Net weight : 565 gms
Description : Lychee in syrup
Packed in can size 15 oz.Tall (w/ diameter x height : 300 x 407 mm.)
Net weight : 425 gms
Drained weight : 190 gms

Mango -

The mango juice is a beverage produced with water and the juice of mangoes. Mango is rich in a variety of phytochemicals and nutrients that qualify it as a model "superfruit". Among its constituents especially are high contents of prebiotic dietary fiber, vitamin C, polyphenols and carotenoids. Mango Juice is famous juice for foreign and very popular in Thailand.
Net weight : 425 gms
Mango slice in syrup
Packed in can size 15 oz. (w/ diameter x height : 307 x 309 mm.)
Net weight : 437 gms
Drained weight : 255 gms